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Two Rivers (book)

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Two Rivers is both a ghost and a road story—one that traverses decades and dimensions as much as it does waterways and highways, both real and imagined. The book project began in the spirit of documentary during the summer of 2018, as I set out to recreate my own dreams and memories as cinematically as they are rendered in my mind. It quickly transformed into something else altogether—an investigation into the nature of time, consciousness, and identity, and an exploration of the enduring significance and soul of geographies. The visual narrative flits between worlds, shot through with bliss, horror, longing, liberation, and intergenerational ecstasy and trauma, populated by phantoms.

The photographs were made all over Canada, primarily on a 2019 road trip across the country from Halifax to Vancouver, using black and white, medium format and 35mm film.

As of 3/5/2021, $10 from each book sale will go to the West Central Women's Resource Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 


- 9x9 inches, 80 pages, 62 plates, printed offset.

- First edition of 250, published November 2020 by Axis Mundi Press

- Soft-cover design hand-painted on St. Armand canal paper (made largely from recycled cotton fabric).

- Essay written by Newfoundland-based writer and musician Kate Lahey.

- Download code for the Two Rivers score written by violinist Laura C. Bates.

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